Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 3 - Yellow

The first week is about solid colors, so today we need to use yellow. I have two yellows, a pastel one from Hits and a more vibrant one from Barry M, and I finally decided to use the secon one: Barry M Yellow. It was really easy to apply and I am in love with the formula. I did something easy, I just stamped it with Essence Stamp Me! Black and the Bundle Monster plate BM-203. We are in the third day and it already seems hard to keep with it, but I am having a lot of fun seeing what other ladies are doing, it is incredible to see how different our manis are, so don't forget to check out their blogs! I hope you like this mani, I want to keep it simple for now, but it is going to get crazier...


  1. I love the stamping, so simple and so cool! Good job with the yellow, it is being hard for me lol!

    "We are in the third day and it already seems hard to keep with it", OMG, so true!


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